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Applications of No Limit Hold em - Matthew Janda


The Mental Game of Poker - Jared Tendler


The Course - Ed Miller


Modern Poker Theory - Michael Acevado

Hey! That’s so awesome!


Some tips on how to get to your first table:

Bring enough cash so you don’t have to go to the ATM, they charge fees.

Bring your ID to the players rewards section and get a players card. This will help you earn points towards food and stuff while you play. It’s free to sign up. 

Go up to the podium at the front and tell them what game you want to play. For example: $2/3 no limit. 

You can sit down and let them bring you chips, or you can go to the cashier and get your chips yourself :)

My advice would be to keep your job while starting to grind part time. See what your hourly rate is. Make sure you’re able to beat the game.

Poker is a lot more fun and enjoyable when it’s not your main source of income. When you transition to full time, it adds significant pressure and stress. You will need to log a lot of playing hours.

Hope that all makes sense. You might be doing these things already, but I write assuming you’re starting from scratch :) See the FULL time advice for the next steps. 

It’s awesome you want to quit your job to play. It’s not an easy feat, it’s actually extremely difficult. The things I’d say you should most certainly have taken care of are: no debt, 1 year of living expenses, and 80-100 buy-ins of whatever stakes you’re planning on playing. So if you’re planning on playing 2/5 with a buy-in of $1000, you should have about $80,000 saved up. Maybe more or less depending on the type of player you are and the volatility of your style.

I can’t tell you how important it is to not have any extra bills, like credit card debt. You want your life expenses to be at a minimum so you can not only stay afloat with your bills, but also grow your money. It’s tough.

Lastly, I can’t stress enough how important studying is. Study, study, study. And even when you start to transition to full time, it’s important to continue studying regularly.

Solve for Why

I highly recommend Solve For Why! I personally have taken all their courses and the way they approach poker & give you the tools and guidelines to think on our own was absolutely game changing for me! I can’t recommend it enough!


I’ll be happy to try and answer any other questions :) 



Discord link 

Best place to ask questions or talk about hand histories!

Hello! My best advice for handling downswings would be:


1. Evaluate your play. Make sure you’re not the problem. There’s always room for improvement & sometimes we are blind to our own faults & blame the run of the cards but in actuality, we might not have been playing optimally.


2. Take a break to reset. For me, this means take a few days off, relax, do other things I enjoy. Shake off the tilt feeling or any of the frustrations. Get some good workouts in, hang out with friends/family, make sure your mind feels renewed. It’s important to come back feeling refreshed. 


3. Study, study, study. There’s always room for improvement & continuing to study takes our mind off the results (bad or good), and helps us focus on trying to make the best decisions over and over again :)


Lastly, the more I’ve come to understand the true nature of what poker actually is, the more I understand that we are not guaranteed anything. We could be one outted 5 times in a row & the harsh reality is that’s just the randomness in poker. It happens. Taking the emotions out of it as much as possible will help us cope with the times we feel like we were wronged (“bad beats”).


I highly recommend the book: The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler. It’s a great read, I hope that helps! Cheers 🍻

How can I find out if I can record at my casino?

Please reach out to the Poker Room Manager to request information on recording policies in each casino. Do not assume that you may record unless you have received authoization and follow any instructions that they give. We want Poker Vlogging to be appreciated by the casinos .

Have a question not covered in here? 

Please send me a DM to my IG or Discord 

Instagram or Discord (For Poker hands talk)

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Casino Recording
Poker Vlogger

It’s actually insane the amount of new vloggers showing up to the scene every single week. Although, many quit after only a few vlogs for many reasons. First, it’s NOT easy. Vlogging takes up so much time and energy. I’m shocked to find out the average poker vlog watcher has NO idea the amount of time a single vlog can take. A great rule of thumb is: for every minute of a vlog is about one hour of editing time. So do the math: a 20 minute vlog is about 20 hours of work. Crazy right?! We have to go record the vlog, plan what shots we’re going to get, make sure to take solid notes at the table (or good luck remembering that flop, turn, and river card). Once we get home with our newly acquired footage it’s time to sort through it all and make a storyline for the vlog! This is the fun part for me :)


The actual editing is the nitty and gritty part. This takes HOURS and HOURS! Inputting the action, pot size, hole cards, etc. I spent a lot of time google searching and YouTubing a lot of editing questions. Luckily, I had a little experience in this prior to starting my own vlog. So that definitely helped speed up my learning process.


The second reason people stop making vlogs is not seeing immediate results. It’s easy to get discouraged in anything in life if we don’t see instant progress (like trying to lose weight or get in shape). This is where real grit and determination comes in. The truth is, if you continue creating engaging content, you will see your subscribers grow and your views go up. It just takes the willingness to not give up. 


I get asked all the time what my advice would be to someone who wants to start a poker vlog. My answer is usually fairly short, sweet, and to the point. People complicate it too much. It’s as easy as grabbing a camera and hitting record. I started my poker vlog with an iPhone 8 and a dream. I even edited my first vlog on my phone app!


    1    Just Do It - No really, the Nike slogan is right. There’s no right time to start. I remember Jaman Burton (The Drawing Dead Vlog) & Andrew Neeme urging me to start a vlog and I said, “I’m not ready!” Jaman Burton told me, “You don’t need to be ready… just do it.” Don’t wait until you have the best camera, a drone, and high end editing software. You don’t need it. After I finally took the dive I started to understand this. Great content is made from trial and error. Learning how to create engaging content is an amazing journey. One I’m still trying to master.  But I couldn’t have started on this path if I didn’t take the first step. Don’t overthink it.

    2    Be You - The world doesn’t need another PokerfaceAsh, Andrew Neeme, or Lex O… They need what YOU have to offer. The best thing you can do is be unique and add your personality to your vlog. The best vlogs out there (poker or not) are people who capture an audience because of their uniqueness. 


I hope this gives you a little glimpse into the world of poker vlogs. It’s truly a special thing that’s added so much positivity to poker and has become a big part of the poker world. It’s brought this community together in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise happened if not for poker vlogging.

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