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MEdia Exposure 

Here are all the location that I have been featured in, or contributed to, besides my own social media pages. Read all about me. :) 

The Unstoppable Ascend of “Pokerface Ash”

Check out this interview with PokerHopper discussing my career and personal life


S4Y Podcast

Join me with the guys at Solve4Whywhere we discuss how I got where I am, where I am going, and so much more!

Check out the Stealing the Blinds Podcast!

Join me in this podcast where I talk about my journey and my process to get to the stakes I am at. Also, hear about how I started the YouTube channel. 



Please check out the interview I had with's Gaelle Jaudon. We talk about what type of community I want to build, if I am recognized while playing live, women in poker, and my experiences in different forms of poker!

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Check out the French Club Poker Podcast!

Join me with Club Poker on thier podcast where we discuss my move to Texas and how Texas Poker contrasts compared to Poker anywhere else I have played! We also discuss the creative outlet that my YouTube channel provides as well as other behind the scenes processes for the channel!

Check out the Live Webinar!

Join me in this interactive webinar with Advanced Poker Training CEO Steve Blay! We talk about my past, how I got into poker, moving up in stakes, strategies, a couple hand histories, and so much more! I also answered questions from the live viewers so join me in future live interviews!

Click to watch!

CardsChat Episode #93 

Listen in so you can get to know me and my story. You will hear about my journey and what got me where I am and the growth I have experienced.

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Podcast by PokerDeals 

Join me as I answer questions ranging from where I came from, what drives me, and where I am going!

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Join me with the Texas Poker Experience where we catch up on cheating scandals, dive into my musical upbringing, basketball career as a player and coach and my new partnership with PokerBros. This episodes features the Top Five Ways to Make the Woman at the Table Uncomfortable.

Mindset Design Podcast

Mindset Design is a personalized mental workout platform for poker players who aim to tap into their full mindset potential - control their emotions, motivation and focus. Go to and use code "POKERFACEASH" to join their next PRO Mindset Group with a 20% discount.

5 Vloggers to check out in 2022

Poker Strategy: How To Approach The Early Levels Of Tournaments

Find out what strategies I apply when in  tournaments to best ensure I have the best competitive advantage. 

I am honored to be named with my fellow Vloggers to bring more love and accessibility to poker vlogging. 

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